Is your fire risk assessor competent?

Hi, this is my first blog. Exciting and scary at the same time. Thank you for reading it

I have just completed the IFSM (Institute of fire safety management) Fire Risk Assessor/ Fire Management Certificate Course. As part of this course we discussed the competency of fire risk assessors.

What came from this discussion was there are dodgy people who charge very little for a fire risk assessment and don’t have the knowledge to carry one out correctly which means they are putting themselves and others like you and me at risk.

As part of the changes in the fire legislation i.e. The R.R.O (regulatory reform fire safety order) it is a must that the ‘ responsible person’ must carry out or appoint a competent person to do their fire risk assessment for non-domestic businesses.

A lot more businesses are appointing fire risk assessors as they do not feel they are competent enough to do it themselves and don’t want to risk getting prosecuted from the local fire service should they get it wrong.

Makes sense!

However due to some fire risk assessors themselves not being competent/ qualified enough to carry out a thorough and correct fire risk assessment. Many businesses are falling foul to this and there have been occasions where the fire risk assessor and the business owner being prosecuted.



Let me know what your thoughts are on this




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