Grade A LD2 Fire Alarm for HMO

Grade A LD2 Fire alarm callpoint

Grade A LD2 Fire Alarm

You will need to fit a Grade A LD2 Fire Alarm if you have a HMO (House of multiple occupancy) with 3 or more floors. Occasionally. these systems could be fitted in large two storey HMO’s too. However, the majority of the cases are the typical 5 or 6 bed HMO over 3 floors.

Installation of Grade A LD2 fire alarms

Install a grade A LD2 fire alarm with smoke detectors along the hall, stairs, landing, bedrooms, and lounge/dining area. Also, fit a heat detector in the kitchen. Fit smoke/heat detectors in the basement/cellar should you have one. Maybe, install a smoke detector if you have a garage accessible from within the HMO. Locate Call points (break glass units) at each fire exit and on each floor. Place sounders to give 75db at the bedstead. And, finally fit the fire control panel near the entrance to the building.

Who can fit a Grade A LD2 fire alarm?

Grade A LD2 Fire alarm control panel

To fit a grade A LD2 fire alarm you will need to employ a competent person to do this. furthermore, the installation of a grade A LD2 fire alarm should be to installed to BS5839 pt 6. In addition, we can help you with this, just use the contact page at the bottom of the page and we will send you a quote.

We can supply and install a grade A LD2 system from only £2400

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Maintenance and service

Maintenance of the fire alarm requires testing on a weekly basis and the results recorded in a fire log book. The system will also need servicing every six months by a competent engineer.

What if I don’t know the grade of fire alarm system?

Getting a fire risk assessment will help. Not only will this tell you with what type of fire alarm you need. It will also tell you what other fire safety measures you should have. Whether that be fire doors, fire compartmentation, fire extinguishers and fire safety signs.  

A fire risk assessment is required under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 as you are a landlord/owner of this type of building and is a requirement by law

We can also carry out fire risk assessments from only £185

Grade A LD2 example
An example of how general fire precautions would work


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