FRA Manchester

The Regulatory Reform (fire safety order) 2005 is still valid. The Fire Safety Act 2021 will soon replace this. This is due to the failings of Grenfel Tower fire. So if you are looking for a FRA Manchester you have come to the right place. We provide IFSM registered fire risk assessors

FRA Manchester

All non-domestic premises in England and Wales require a fire risk assessment by law. The type of properties that this covers are HMOs, common areas of flats, holiday lets/homes, businesses, care homes, doctors surgery’s etc.

What does a fire risk assessment involve?

What will we inspect?

A FRA Manchester is an inspection of a property. Here we will look at the risks and hazards . A document will be provided showing the findings and images of the areas of concern. We will create a fire action plan, this will give you a timeframe of completion.

Fire Hazards

We will look at what fire hazards there are and either remove them or put controls in place. These include electrical sources of ignition, smoking, arson, portable heaters, outside contractors and dangerous substances.

Fire Protection Measures

We will check that the means of escape is good, the emergency lighting is sufficient, fire alarms are correct for premises, fire escape signs are available, measures to limit fire spread, manual fire extinguishers, facilities for fire fighters are appropriate for the premises.

Management Of Fire Safety

Here we will look at procedures, training including drills, records and testing and maintenance

Risk Rating

Finally we will provide a rating based on the hazards found, consequences and risk to life assessment. The assessment will be reviewed on an individual basis.

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