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Would you have an unqualified solicitor represent you in a court of law?

 So why ‘risk’ your life or freedom by getting a fire risk assessment done by an unqualified fire risk assessor.A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
As a ‘Responsible Person’ you can still be held accountable should you instruct someone or a company to do a fire risk assessment for you.
Fire Risk Assessment template
Can you be sure it was done by a ‘competent person‘ with appropriate qualifications and accreditation?After all you are putting your lives and freedom in their hands, there are many cowboy companies out there who say they can do fire risk assessments and unfortunately these unscrupulous companies are very busy as they are not doing it correctly,  therefore they can charge cheaper rates for their services.These fire risk assessments are not worth the paper they are written on, there have been many examples of fire risk assessors and owners being prosecuted for incorrect fire measures.An example of this was a hotel owner and fire risk assessor see full story


Fire safety convictions

Some important points to remember:

  1.    Don’t use a cowboy! Get a proper Fire risk assessment from an accredited Fire Risk Assessor. Poor quality advice/incorrect advice from a non- qualified fire risk assessor could make your business ILLEGAL
  2. The dangers of fire are all too prevalent. People get killed if faulty or incorrect, or poorly maintained fire systems are not adhered to, and the owner is RESPONSIBLE.
  3.   Don’t lose your business (or worse your freedom) by using out of date/faulty fire equipment or fire procedures.

I am a qualified, trained and experienced Fire Risk Assessor. I can advise on up to date legalities relevant to your business.

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