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HMO Fire Risk Assessment Training

HMO Fire Risk Assessment Training

95% of businesses fail to recover after a fire

There seems to be some confusion or misleading information out there regarding fire risk assessments.

Some landlords/agents think that if the property is licensed, only then do they require a fire risk assessment however this is not the case at all. Every non-domestic premises in England and Wales requires a fire risk assessment.

Get trained up to do your own fire risk assessments, receive expert advice and knowledge from someone who has been doing them for years.

HMO fire risk assessment training is a unique course as it is specifically aimed at HMO. It is not a generic fire risk assessment course.

All tools including fire risk assessment templates will be supplied including advice and support after the course has finished.

There will be a small test at the end of the course to keep you on your toes.

Below are reasons why you should do the training.


1, The Fire service are targeting HMO

fire officer

The fire service are targeting HMO’s, as these are seen as of high risk due to the minority of landlords/agents failing to carry out sufficient fire precautions.

They do not need a warrant of any sort – the fire service have more power than the police to enter buildings.



2, You could lose money

Burniing money

Should the inspecting fire officer find insufficient fire safety measures in place he/she could get the tenants removed out of the HMO and could prosecute.

Or it could be you have had a small fire and your insurance company loss adjuster visits your premises.

Should they see that you do not have a  fire risk assessment or it is insufficient they will not pay out.

3, You could get a large fine.

There will then be a further investigation and the landlord will be issued with an enforcement notice to get things rectified.

They could even prosecute the landlords for breaches in the fire safety order and issue fines or worse – prison.

Here is an example of a large £80,000 fine being issued here

4, You feel you can do it yourself and save money

In the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 it states that should you feel that you are competent enough you can do your own however there have been examples of landlords doing their own and consequently getting fines for insufficient fire risk assessments.

Here is another example:

1st August 2013, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Defendant – Gurpartap Singh Bhullar, Company Director of Bellforce Developments, owners of a Slough based House of Multiple Occupation
Charged with multiple fire safety failures, including failure to conduct a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment, failure to take general life precautions for persons sleeping on the premises, failure to provide adequate means of detection and giving warning in the event of a fire.
Bhullar received a fine of £6,750, and Bellforce Developments received a fine of £13,500.  Additionally, they were ordered to pay court costs of £21,732.62 to the fire authority.

Get trained correctly and stay legal

5, I will get my mate to do it he/she knows a bit about fire safety

Would you have an unqualified solicitor represent you in a court of law?

So why “risk” your life or freedom by getting a fire risk assessment done by an unqualified fire risk assessor.A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Can you be sure it was done by a competent person with appropriate qualifications and accreditation?

After all you are putting your lives and freedom in their hands, there are many cowboy companies out there who say they can do fire risk assessments and unfortunately these unscrupulous companies are very busy as they are not doing it correctly,  therefore they can charge cheaper rates for their services.

These fire risk assessments are not worth the paper they are written on, there have been many examples of fire risk assessors and owners being prosecuted for incorrect fire measures.

Fire risk assessor prosecuted here

6,You could download a guide from the internet 

Again this is possible and many people do this however what if you got something wrong or missed something or disregarded something as you thought not being important – it could come back to haunt you. After all they are just guides.

So many businesses try and save money by doing it themselves through downloading guides etc. However most fire service prosecutions always seem to have  ‘fire risk assessment not sufficient or correct’.

Fire Risk Assessment template

As you can see there are many reasons why you should do the HMO fire risk assessment training.

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself.

1.Are you legal?

2. Are your tenants safe?

If you can answer this 100% – you do not need to attend

if there is a seed of doubt – you should attend.




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